12 February 13:30 - 17:00Epicenter Oslo

Data and you!

Why aren't there workshops, sessions or education on finding the data in our devices? Where is the simple explanation of how phones store our everyday behavior? What could you or your business do with a simple understanding of digital technology for your ambitions to be healthier, more competitive or more customer centric?


It doesn't matter if your technical understanding is API wizard, just starting RSS pro or a spreadsheet ninja. This workshop will expose the deep inner workings of our hyper connected lives from the only person on earth who could make it simple; Chris Dancy

Chris Dancy is known as the "Most Connected Person on Earth".  See for yourself by googling "Most Connected" and see the results. After years of delivering keynotes around the world and after the release of his international member, Chris is opening up his bag of magic to teach people how to extract data about their lives from their phones! AUDIENCE:Programers, Biohackers, Life Optimizers, Startup Pioneers or Cyborgs. 

WORKSHOP:The workshop will be hands on and we will have five sections. Check out the workshop schedule below for more information. 


How to get there?

Epicenter Oslo is located in central Oslo with many close by transit opportunities. If you arrive by train or metro, the closest station is National theatre. By tram, get on line 11, 17 or 18 and get off at Holbergs plass. Thats exactly 50 steps from our main entrance. 

Our address is Pilestredet 33A, and our main entrance is from Edvard Storms gate. 

If you do not have a chip to enter the building, call the door bell and our service team will open up, welcome you and serve you hot, hot coffee. 




Welcome and introduction by Chris



*Data Stacks •Time / Place / Activity / Behavior / Biology / Environment

*Low Friction Collection•From RSS-API•Life Layers•Gallop Wellbeing 5•Chris Dancy 10•Custom

Personal Data Dictionaries•Biology (Working with Health)•Behavior (Working with Screentime)

*💻LAB ONE:  Design 10 Data Triggers for a Behavior UI



•Every day Apps•Facebook •Swarm•RescueTime



Aggregation Applications •LifeCycle•Gyroscope

*💻LAB  TWO: Setup an aggregation system for your life.



•Custom Applications: Repository•Trigger•View

*💻 LAB THREE:Create a custom aggregation system.



Behavioral Programing•Custom Biological Feedback Loop•Custom Behavioral Feedback Loop

💻 LAB FOUR: Setup a custom life trigger

The length of each session will be modified with regards to timing, based on the group.


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